Anil Kapoor set to produce in an Indian version of 24.

Anil Kapoor Following, the super successful Slumdog Millionaire and a role in Tom Cruise-starrer Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, Anil Kapoor is all set to bring some of his Holywood glory back home.

The actor is gearing up to produce and star in an Indian version of 24, which is a real-time drama produced by Fox/20th. Kapoor was a part of the Emmy-winning show’s preceding season.

The actor will play an Indian version of Kiefer Sutherland’s signature character Jack Bauer. He has closed a rights deal with 20th Century Fox TV Distribution and will produce the new 24 through his Anil Kapoor Films Co. Pre-production is set to start mid-2012 in India.

Kapoor, who made his American TV debut with 24 will be seen on the Indian small screen for the first time. In 24, he played the Middle Eastern leader Omar Hassan, who comes to the US on a peace-keeping mission.

Each episode has Jack racing against the clock as he tries to prevent multiple terrorist plots, including presidential assassination attempts, nuclear, biological and chemical threats, cyber attacks and conspiracies dealing with government and corporate corruption. His other Hollywood project, Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol is slated for a December release.

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