WikiLeaks needs financial support to publishing secret cables.

Julian Assange London: WikiLeaks will have to stop publishing secret cables and devote itself to fund-raising if it is incapable to end a financial blockade by US firms such as Visa and MasterCard by the end of the year, founder Julian Assange said on Monday.

After releasing tens of thousands of secret US government cables, WikiLeaks needs $3.5 million over the next year to carry on operating, Assange said.

WikiLeaks in December 2010 after US criticized the organization’s release of thousands of sensitive US diplomatic cables from its embassies all over the world. In the 24 hours before credit card donations were blocked, the organisation said it had received $135,000. Now, it is receiving on average concerning 7,000 euros ($9,700) a month.

Assange said that there were no legal grounds for the blockade by Bank of America Corp, Visa Inc, MasterCard Inc, eBay Inc unit PayPal and Western Union Co, which he said had cost Wikileaks 95 per cent of its revenue.

“If WikiLeaks does not find a way to remove this blockade, given our current levels of expenditure, we will simply not be able to continue by the turn of the year,” Assange told a news conference.

Daniel Domscheit-Berg, who preceding year was fired by Assange as WikiLeaks’ co-spokesman, told Reuters in August that he had destroyed concerning 3,000 submissions that WikiLeaks had received relating to Bank of America.

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