Team Anna test the group’s grit at today’s meeting.

Team Anna meetingNew Delhi: Team Anna core committee is expected to recommend its own dissolution at its vital meeting on Saturday and authorise Anna Hazare to put in place a new arrangement.

The anti-corruption movement that had surprised the government only a few weeks ago is now facing its rigid challenge from within as its key members had been charged with corruption and authoritarianism.

The meeting comes in the awaken of claims of financial impropriety against IAC members Arvind Kejriwal and Kiran Bedi and the attack on another member, Prashant Bhushan, by right-wing activists over his comment signifying a plebiscite on the Kashmir issue.

Saturday’s meeting will also test the group’s grit among charges against 3 of its senior leaders. While Arvind Kejriwal faces a government deadline to repay over Rs9 lakh he owes to it and Kiran Bedi admitted to have claimed inflated travel repayment, Prashant Bhushan got brickbats for his support for a plebiscite in Kashmir.

Vishwas’s letter recommends Hazare to suspend the present core committee and create a new system to allow us to see a corruption-free new India. The letter is being seen as part of the strategy to bring back the focus on the lokpal bill.

Vishwas emerged to have the backing of majority of the core committee members, who are expected to accept his suggestion of authorising Hazare to reconstitute the team.

But, Singh is willing to forget and forgive provided Kejriwal admits that the political campaign in Hisar was a mistake and will not be repeated.

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