State Government lose land due to Arunachal’s aggression.

Arunachal's aggressionGuwahati: Alleging that the State Government has failed to protect the interests of the people living on the Assam-Arunachal Pradesh border, the locals of the area criticized that the State is losing its land due to Arunachal’s aggression.

Arunachal Agrasan Pratirodh Samity, a forum to protest the assumed land-grabbing by the neighbouring State said that the Behali reserve forest and Singalijan reserve forest under Sonitpur district are facing infringement by the people of the neighbouring State since formation of Arunachal Pradesh as a new State in 1971.

“The people of Arunachal Pradesh have been establishing their villages in Behali forest area. Since the Assam government did not pay any attention to this problem, many areas like Pampela, Bormai, Tarasu, Bogijuli, Dikal, Radhasu have been occupied by the people of Arunachal,” said Bibek Das, advisor of the committee.

“According to the government data, 1,400 hectares of the State’s land are under the occupation of Arunachal Pradesh. But, in reality more than 3,000 hectares of land have been annexed by the people of the neighbouring State.” he mentioned.

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