Sayali Bhagat accuses co-star Shiney Ahuja for sexually harassment.

sayali bhagatNew Delhi: The actor Shiney Ahuja has been charged of sexually harassing his co-star Sayali Bhagat, according to media reports.

Sayali and Shiney have been working together for the movie ‘Ghost’. In an interview with a magazine Sayali had stated that Shiney had misbehaved with her numerous times during the shooting of the film.

And since the interview was published, Sayali asserted that her life has been made hell by the actor and his wife.

She was actually under pressure to withdraw the charges she made against him and she succumbed but she is going to file a police complaint against the actor and his wife Anupam. Sayali claims that she is being bombarded by messages from his wife to deny the offensive things said about Shiney.

The media reports say that Shiney told Sayali that they needed to warm up to each other to let their chemistry work on-screen. He also has been charged of asking her to feel up his arm frequently during a particular scene. Sayali asserts that he had suggested that they hook up and he used to send her text messages at odd hours.

Shiney Ahuja has just handle to get himself out of the rape case slapped against him by his domestic assist and this sexual harassment allegation will certainly not go down well in the industry.

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