Sanjiv Bhatt grants bail by Gujarat court.

Sanjiv Bhatt Ahmedabad:  Sanjiv Bhatt, the policeman who has become eminent for taking on Narendra Modi, has been granted bail by a court in Gujarat.

Bhatt has accused the Chief Minister of involvement in the Gujarat riots of 2002. He was arrested on September 30 for fabricating evidence, police constable KD Pant said that Mr Bhatt forced him to file an affidavit supporting his testimony against Modi. During Bhatt’s week-long fight for bail, the Gujarat Police argued that if he is freed, he will tamper with evidence against him.

“These 17 days in the jail were like a sabbatical… my cause is bigger than me,” said Bhatt.

Bhatt asserts that on February 27, 2002, he attended a meeting of policemen called by Modi, who supposedly said that rioters should not be reined in. Mr Bhatt filed an affidavit stating his version of events in SC in April this year. Other policemen who were at the meeting say Bhatt was not present. Pant’s affidavit declared the opposite, but he later said statement had been coerced from him.

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