Salman Khan fly back to Irish after wraps up TV show in India.

salman khanMumbai: Salman Khan has finally returned to India after his surgery, and will be at the ND Studios, Karjat with co-host Sanjay Dutt, shooting the 1st episode of Bigg Boss 5 that airs on Colors.

Prior this week, he was in Dublin, shooting with Katrina Kaif for Ek Tha Tiger. Once he wraps up work for the TV show in India, he will fly back to the Irish capital instantly to resume the film shoot.

“But I’m trying not to burden myself too much. I’ve started working out, in keeping with the doctor’s instructions. I’m careful about what I eat, my daily routine and my work. I can’t help the travelling bit, because Ek Tha Tiger requires me to be at several international locations. And I can’t leave Baba (Sanjay) alone on the show. So, I’ll shoot some episodes, then my movie, and the cycle will go on till the season ends,” reasons Salman, who has cut down on smoking, but not quit entirely.

Earlier than the surgery last month, the actor had been on strong medication for Trigeminal Neuralgia, while it wasn’t very effective. During one of his health checks, he was also discovered to have an aneurysm. After suffering for 7 years, Salman finally decided to endure surgery soon after Bodyguard’s release. His left wrist still bears the stitch marks.

“I’ve recovered about 60 per cent. There’s no surefire method to cure this. But in hindsight, if I had delayed the surgery, let’s say for another year, who knows? I would have landed in a coma, the way Jagjit Singh is right now. I’m sure in his case, the aneurysm must have been at its highest,” states the actor.

“I don’t know if I really need to undergo another surgery. It depends on what the doctors suggest after the check up, two-three months from now. My family, staff, friends are looking after me. I’ve nothing to worry about,” he added.

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