RIM offers free apps to compensate BlackBerry users.

RIMToronto: An offer of free games, translation software or other apps to compensate BlackBerry users for preceding week’s prolonged outage left Research In Motion investors cool on Monday, and the shares fell 6 percent.

In its announcement, RIM listed merely 12 apps that would be available at no cost, though it said that more would become available before the downloading period began on Wednesday.

The free downloads will be accessible until the end of the year. Rather than free apps, RIM is offering corporate and government users’ technical support at no cost for 1 month.

“RIM has responded swiftly but this won’t undo the damage done to its reputation,” analyst Geoff Blaber at CCS Insight told Reuters earlier on Monday. “This may go some way to appeasing customers but what’s critical is that the problem does not repeat itself.”

Tens of millions of BlackBerry users were left without mobile email and other messaging for up to 4 days last week after a failure at a RIM data center in England set off a service disruption across 5 continents.

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