MPP sent appeal memorandum to President.

MPPImphal: ‘Go back Governor’ was the renounce of the youth front of Manipur People’s Party (MPP) while expressing offence over supposed indifferance of the Central and the State Governemnts to deal with the over 2 months economic blockade on the national highways in the State.

The MPP resorted to a one-day hunger strike in reaction to the ‘indifferance’ shown by the Central and State Governments in addressing the issue of Sadar Hills district demand and alleviate hardship faced by the people of the State.

MPP president Dr Nimaichand Luwang told to the reporters that the party had sent a plea memorandum to the President of India, through the Governor on September 22 apprising the prevailing condition and seeking intervention in bringing a solution to the vexed Sadar Hills issue.

“Unfortunately, the party has not received any intimation from either the Central or the State Governments on their intention and willingness to address the issue,” said Luwang.

“The Central Government is maintaining a stoic silence on the issue and the Governor too has chosen to look away even as the economic blockade has entered 63rd day today, making life miserable for the people of the State,” he added.

While accusing the attitude as misplaced priority, the MPP president sought the remember of the Governor and obligation of President’s Rule in the State.

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