Lytro unveiled 3 new digital cameras.

Lytro digital cameraLytro unveiled its radical new camera also called the Lytro. With it, the company hopes to rewrite the rules with a technology called light-field photography, although the scale of the company’s aim is matched by the scale of its challenge.

Lytro looks different a smooth, two-tone elongated box 4.4 inches long and 1.6 inches square. At one end is the lens and at the other is an LCD touch-screen display; along the sides are power and shutter buttons, a USB port and a touch-sensitive band to move the F2 lens through its 8X zoom range.

There are 3 models, the $399 cameras with ‘electric blue’ and ‘graphite’ exteriors whose 8GB of built-in memory is sufficient for about 350 shots and the ‘red hot,’ 16GB camera that can record 750 shots. They’ll go on sale, through Lytro’s Web site only, in the 1st quarter of 2012, Chief Executive Ren Ng told CNET in an interview.

The technique behind its focus-after-shooting approach has an ocean of detail behind it. Lytro’s inventor, Ren Ng, who developed the technology, created a camera that interposes a layer of microlenses between a standard image sensor array and the main, standard lens of the camera.

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