Longest BlackBerry’s service outage affected world’s 70 million users.

BlackBerry outageToronto: The longest BlackBerry outage in several years left customers outraged this week, threatening to cost the granddaddy of all smartphones more business when it’s already aggressive to keep up in a crowded marketplace.

The three-day blackout interrupted email and Internet services for tens of millions of annoyed users and inflicted more damage on an already tarnished brand.

In US and Canada, the outage was shorter, starting Wednesday. But many, maybe most of the world’s 70 million BlackBerry users were affected.

RIM also said that it will study compensation for the disruption after some wireless carriers offered refunds to BlackBerry users.

Three days after the smartphone’s data delivery 1st began failing in Europe and the Middle East, RIM co-CEO Mike Lazaridis apologised to customers in a video posted on the company’s website before joining co-CEO Jim Balsillie on a conference call to answer reporters’ questions.

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