Farmers and labour affected by flood in Dhemaji.

Dhemaji floodGuwahati: In Dhemaji district, 38,494 farmer and landless labour families were affected by the Gai, the Jiadhal and the Simen River this year, Agriculture Department sources said.

In the district, about 400 to 500 hectares of farmland have been buried by the Gai and the Jiadhal rivers under sand, every year. All the around 20 rivers in the district have the same character of burying the farmland areas under sand.

This year, the Gai and the Jiadhal have deposited mud and sand on 14,907 hectares of farmland. Of the affected area, about 8,000 hectares have been totally damaged.

The farmland areas, which get buried under the river sand, require around 3 to 4 years’ time to regain their fertility. This year, paddy production loss in the district is 25,342 metric tonnes (MTs) due to sand and mud deposits and the flood-related stunted growth of the paddy plants.

Regarding 4,000 farm families have been uprooted this year by the Gai. The river has washed away all of their belongings and buried their farmlands under sand. The Jiadhal uprooted 15 families this time in the Narowathan area only.

During the previous 5 to 6 years, the fertility of about 400 hectares of farmland, damaged by the Jiadhal sand in the Bordoloni part, on the right bank of the Kumatiya, has been restored naturally.

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