Congress hit back hard as Hazare defended Kiran Bedi.

Sanjay Nirupam New Delhi: The Congress on Tuesday voiced its protest over Anna Hazare’s blog that said Team Anna will campaign against the party in following polls as well as in General Elections if the Lokpal Bill is not passed in the Winter Session of Parliament.

Congress MP Sanjay Nirupam has hit back hard as Hazare defended Kiran Bedi in the controversy of her overstated travel bills.

“Kiran Bedi has accepted she has done wrong. She has cheated some institutions. If she is returning the money, it doesn’t mean she has not done crime. These kinds of stands should not be taken by Annaji. The whole country supports him and he shouldn’t get into this issue,” said Nirupam.

Kiran Bedi on Monday night claimed that Anna Hazare has told her that the claims levelled against her should not hold back her work.

Hazare has also blogged against ‘the gang of four’ for defaming his team. Reacting to Hazare’s comment that the ‘gang of four’ was acting like ruffians to oppose those who wanted the Jan Lokpal Bill, Nirupam said that “I don’t think he used these words for the ministers. The Congress and the UPA are committed to create a strong Lokpal in the country.”

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  1. Audited’ accounts of Kejriwal’s NGO – PCRF, is a sad apology for processes of audit, transparency and accountability!

    Two days after Kiran Bedi was exposed for flying on discounted air tickets but taking full fare from sponsors, another prominent Team Anna member, Arvind Kejriwal, now faces charges of diverting huge funds from anti-graft front India against Corruption (IAC) to his own NGO. Swami Agnivesh, a former Anna Team member alleged that Kejriwal deposited between Rs 70 lakh and Rs 80 lakh from donations to IAC to his trust, Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF).

    Team Anna on the other hand responded that they will place all details regarding their accounts on the website of Public Cause Research Foundation (PCRF), by this month-end after a special audit.

    Such an offer by Team Anna however may not be by itself sufficient to assuage public misgivings and in all probability, may even end up fanning the fires of criticism of Team Anna further. Why? Just take a look at the appalling transparency and accountability standards of PCRF as reflected in their 5 years of audited accounts their placed at their website. Read on to find out why?

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