Colourful pandals delight Durga Puja commenced in Kolkata.

Durga PujaKolkata: Colourful ‘pandals’ (marquees), cultural shows and diverse gastronomic delights amid tight security, the stage is set for festivities and happiness in the capital as the five-day Durga Puja commenced on Sunday.

The five-day festival, the biggest in eastern India would persist till Thursday, when the idols of goddess Durga and her sons and daughters will be engrossed in the rivers, lakes and ponds across the state.

Shashthi is the sixth day of the lunar calendar and also marked the beginning of the puja rituals.

Kalparamvo (the beginning of the Pujas), Bodhan (the consecration of Durga’s idol), Amantran (inviting the goddess) and Adhivas (sanctifying the stay of the goddess in the exact spot where the puja is being held) were performed in community puja marquees and households where Mother Durga is being worshipped with all fervour.

Mythology also states that the Puja celebrates the annual descent of Goddess Durga, the slayer of the demon Mahishashur, accompanied by her 4 children Ganesh, Kartik, Lakshmi and Saraswati on earth to visit her parents.

The goddess, straddling a lion and wielding an array of weapons in her ten hands, stays for four days to eradicate all evil from the earth before returning to her husband Lord Shiva at Kailash on Dashami.

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