AASU claims Tarun Gogoi prepare to yield Assam’s land to Nagaland.

Tarun GogoiGuwahati: The All Assam Students’ Union alleged that CM Tarun Gogoi was preparing to yield Assam’s land to the neighbouring State of Nagaland after he had done a similar thing to Bangladesh lately.

AASU president Sankar Prasad Rai and adviser Dr Samujjal Bhattacharya said that the developments exposed once again the absolute insensitivity of the Assam Government when it comes to protecting the State’s land and its people.

The AASU president said in a statement that under no circumstances would the State Government be allowed to abandon its consti-tutional obligation of protecting the lives and property of its people as also the State’s territorial integrity.

“The State Government must ensure adequate security arrang-ements at Merapani area where people are facing sleepless nights in the face of Naga aggression,” the AASU said.

Alleging that the State Government had never treated the concern of violent infringement from neighbouring states, chiefly Nagaland, fatally, the AASU said that now the Chief Minister was trying to confine his responsibility into an assessment by a senior bureaucrat only.

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