ULFA Commander-In-Chief injured in military offensive by Myanmarese junta.

Paresh BaruahGuwahati: Mysterious commander-in-chief of the outlawed United Liberation Front of Asom (ULFA) Paresh Baruah was injured in a military offensive by the Myanmarese junta have been denied by the Indian intelligence agencies, the media reports said.

There were rumour in the media that Baruah survived the military offensive launched by the Myanmarese Army although was injured in the attack. The reports could not be denied or confirmed separately from the ULFA.

The ULFA commander-in-chief is alleged to be entrenched wherever in the Sagaing division of northern Myanmar with an estimated 100-150 cadre,  the same area is also the base of at least half-a-dozen other militant groups from the Indian northeast.

The Baruah faction of the ULFA, in an email Wednesday, claims rebel bases of the outfit and several other northeast militant groups were attacked by Myanmarese troops.

The statement signed by the faction’s publicity chief Arunodoi Dohotia said “The Burmese Army has been aided with heavy arms and ammunition by India and the gunfights would get severe in the days ahead.”

The peace process started after Bangladesh arrested four top ULFA leaders, including Rajkhowa, in 2009 and handed them over to India.

Although Baruah is opposed to the peace talks and from time to time accuses the pro-talk leaders of being puppets in the hands of the Indian government.

More than 10,000 people have lost their lives to insurgency in Assam during the past two decades.

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