Third email claims Delhi High Court blast.

Delhi bomb blastSrinagar: A third email claiming Delhi high court blast has reportedly been received, according to media reports. First one supposedly from Pakistan-based militant group Harkat-ul-Jihad al-Islami (HuJI), 2nd claimed to be Indian Mujahideen and 3rd email has been received today from a Yahoo account.

In the meantime, J&K police said that they had detained 5 people for questioning in connection with the blast that left 13 dead. In two days, three emails have been received.

According to the reports, the first mail, allegedly sent by HuJI following the bombing on Wednesday, was firstly traced to a cybercafe in a town near the Kashmiri city of Jammu.

After detaining 2 brothers who possessed the cafe and an employee on Thursday for questioning, a police official said 2 college students, identified as being in the cafe when the email was sent had also been taken into custody.

“The owners have told interrogators that they don’t keep a record of the visitors and that students were the main customers at the cafe,” the official said.

Federal investigators have yet to verify whether the email was definitely from HuJI. Another claim of responsibility, actually from a home-grown militant outfit called Indian Mujahideen, was sent to media on Thursday.

The United States depicts HuJI as a terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda and it has been accused of carrying out attacks in India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

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