Sony launched 1st Reader Wi-Fi during IFA press conference.

Sony Reader Wi-FiBerlin: Sony is now the maker of the world’s lightest 6″ touchscreen e-reader, the Reader Wi-Fi. The device was announced during Sony’s IFA press conference and is 1st e-reader to offer wireless public library access for users that covet to borrow e-books from their public library.

According to the reports, the device is based on Sony’s previous 6″ e-reader but is smaller (measuring 8.9mm thin) and lighter (at 168 grams) than its predecessor.

Sony said that “At under 6 ounces and with a 6” E-Ink Pearl V220 touch screen, Reader Wi-Fi is smaller than an average paperback book.”

Sony explained “As part of Sony’s continued effort to support the Public Library System, Reader Wi-Fi will also be the first eReader to offer wireless connectivity to the public library system in the US and Canada via a dedicated icon on the device to allow easy and convenient borrowing of free e-books with a valid library card.”

“Readers can access and download over 2.5 million titles via a Wi-Fi connection from Reader Store or shop from a wide range of bookstores and other websites that provide books in digital formats compatible with Reader Wi-Fi, such as EPUB, PDF and TXT.”

According to the reports, a special version of the e-reader has been created for Harry Potter fans in combination with the Pottermore website. Fans, who purchase the Sony Reader Wi-Fi with Pottermore promotion (PRS-T1HBC) will be capable to download 1st Harry Potter e-book for free from Pottermore when it 1st becomes available.

E-reader maker Kobo was also at IFA to launch an e-reader for the German market. The localized German Touch eReader come with all-German menus and settings and will be on hand for €149 starting October 1, 2011.

The Sony Reader Wi-Fi (PRS-T1) and Reader Wi-Fi with Pottermore promotion (PRS-T1HBC) will be released in October 2011 for $149.

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