Pranab blamed Prime Minister’s Office for leaking controversial 2G note.

Pranab MukherjeeNew Delhi: Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee has blamed the Prime Minister’s Office for leaking the controversial 2G note, according to sources and will meet Sonia Gandhi on Monday. In his continuing damage control measures in the 2G note controversy, Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee will meet Sonia Gandhi on Monday after he come back from New York.

According to the sources, Pranab will concise Sonia concerning his meeting with the Prime Minister in New York and update about the correspondence on the 2G note.

Pranab met PM Manmohan Singh in New York on Sunday and sources have said that he has handed all correspondence regarding 2G to the Prime Minister.

According to the reports, Pranab expressed to Manmohan Singh that the Prime Minister’s Office’s role in the 2G controversy, too, could come under scrutiny and therefore, the need to diffuse.

Pranab expressed that the note was released by the Prime Minister’s Office and not his office. Pranab also addressed the media in New York on Sunday over the 2G note mess, refused all reports of any conflict between him and Chidambaram calling the Home Minister a precious colleague.

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