Philips mobile plans to enter in Indian market after gap of 8 years.

philipsNew Delhi: Philips mobile phone is entering the Indian market after a gap of about 8 years and USD 1 million would be spent in the 1st four months for its marketing activities.

China-based Shenzen Sang Fei (SSF), which sells mobile phones under Philips brand, has announced the re-entry of Philips mobile phone into India after 2003.

CEO and managing director of SSF, Tan Jok Tin said that “Namaste, hum vaapas aa rahe hain (Hello, we are coming back).”

SSF was formed as a joint venture between Philips and CEC to run Philips’ mobile business. In 2007, Philips goes away of the venture and the mobile business was acquired by CEC, through SSF.

Tin said that “We expect to sell three million phones in the next two years. To push the sales we will invest USD 1 million in first four months to spread awareness about our phones.” Tin also said that the new Philips mobile phones are equipped with Xenium technology, which saves the phone’s energy and increases its battery life.

The company today revealed 6 dual-sim devices that is Xenium X 806, X518, X523, X513, X116 and X121, priced between Rs 1,776 to Rs 8,280. Of these, X806 and X518 are high-end touchscreen phones.

SSF also plans to launch 2 Android-based smartphones next month on Xenium technology. SSF has appointed Conplex Telecom India as its distributor for India.

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