NTRO secretly filmed women colleagues in office toilet.

NTRONew Delhi: An official of the National Technical Research Organisation (NTRO) was booted out of the agency for secretly filming women colleagues in the office toilet, the reports said.

As per reports, the alleged filming of women staffers at the NTRO’s Hauz Khas office in New Delhi truly happened years ago, although it has come to fore just lately.

Some women staffers discovered a spycam fixed in the toilet used by them and afterwards it was exposed that the feed from the camera was being accessed by a computer manned by an ex-IAF officer attached to the agency’s counter-intelligence and security unit.

India’s premiere technical intelligence agency, the NTRO, was set up after the Kargil intrusion and has been under the scanner the Supreme Court for a slew of alleged irregularities.

The technical head of NTRO VK Mittal submitted his investigate report to NTRO chairman KVSS Prasad Rao and recommended suitable legal action in the case. He concluded the spycams were bought with secret service funds.

Mittal concluded in his report that the hard disk of the computer where the feeds from the camera were stored was reformatted and technically destroyed.

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