Nintendo set to release 4 new Mario-related games for 3DS.

NintendoTokyo: Nintendo Co. said Tuesday it will release 4 new Mario-related games for its 3DS handheld game console, with many of its own new titles as well as those from 3rd-party software makers, the newest attempt to revive the appeal of the struggling new game machine.

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said at a trade show “The lineup from this holiday season and beyond is stronger than any in the past.”

The Japanese videogame giant also said it will update the handheld game console’s hardware thus its camera can take 3-D movies.

President Satoru Iwata showed video footage of games in the works, together with the popular Super Mario series, that were for 3-D playing without the special glasses frequently required for 3-D TVs.

He said that “We know the hurdle is high. We will do our utmost to make the 3DS as widespread as its predecessor DS machine.”

According to data released last week by Japanese videogame magazine publisher Enterbrain, Nintendo sold 55,264 3DS units in Japan during the week of August 29 to September 4, down sharply from 214,821 Aug.8 to Aug. 14, when the price cut raised demand.

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