Meghalaya lost 41 acres of land as land swap agreement.

India-Bangladesh agreementShillong: Meghalaya has lost 41 acres of land as India and Bangladesh have discriminated their boundaries although the overall agreement will only bring ‘goodwill and prosperity’ to both countries, said Meghalaya CM Mukul Sangma on Friday.

Sangma was part of PM Manmohan Singh’s associates to Bangladesh Sep 6-7. The two countries signed an outline agreement on cooperation for development and a protocol on demarcating their land boundary.

Sangma told that “We would be gaining around 240 acres of land under adverse possession of Bangladesh, but would be losing around 41 acres of our land to Bangladesh.”

The new India and Bangladesh land agreement will safeguard the interests of Meghalaya, said Sangma. Chief Minister said that “Instead of irritant and disputed border, we now expect to have a border which will enable us to have goodwill and prosperity and border of conflict should be converted into border of mutual trust.”

The land agreement between 2 countries, though, determined that the dispute be resolved those disputed enclaves under possession by India would be handed over to Bangladesh and vice versa.

These unfavourable possession areas were created when the former East Pakistan and India demarcated the international boundary in the mid-1960s. There are 11 such areas in Meghalaya.

Sangma who held some meetings with various top Bangladeshi leaders including PM Sheikh Hasina, wanted tourism between India and its neighbours to progress.

But, the border villagers from Pyrdiwah and Lyngkhat areas which are unfavourably held in Meghalaya’s East Khasi Hills have expressed unhappiness with the swapping of land.

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