Mayawati quiet to comments on Wikileaks reports.

Mayawati Lucknow: While Chief Minister Mayawati’s trusted lieutenant, Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh denied most of the comments attributed to him in wikileaks, Chief Minister herself was quiet about reports which said that she engaged 9 cooks and food tasters and that a state jet was flown empty to Mumbai to fetch her sandals.

The leaked US embassy cables which express Mayawati as an “egomaniac” highlight her various whims and eccentricities. It says “when she needed new sandals, her private jet flew empty to Mumbai to retrieve her preferred brand”.

The cables say that while she remains “extremely popular with her dalit votebase… she is obsessed with becoming the Prime Minister”.

The cable talks about how a Lucknow journalist related a story about “a minister being forced to do sit ups in front of her as penance for not first asking permission to call on UP’s governor”. Mayawati also removed a civil servant she learned that his daughter had united the rival Congress party, says the cable.

The UP embassy cables written by American diplomats says that she runs the state ‘like a fiefdom’ and institutionalized corruption has given way to the prior regimes law and order problems.

In another leaked cable of May 2009 when the Lok Sabha elections were started, Mayawati’s trusted officer Cabinet Secretary Shashank Shekhar Singh is quoted telling US Charged Affaires Peter Burleigh that Mayawati’s opposition to the Indo-US nuclear deal was only rhetoric. Singh also allegedly told the Burleigh that he did not predict Mayawati becoming the Prime Minister after the 2009 parliamentary polls.

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