Manipur government issued order to arrest leader of SHDDC.

economic blockade manipurImphal:  Six loaded trucks were set afire Saturday by alleged supporters of the ongoing economic blockade at Oinamlong area in Manipur’s Tamenglong district, official reports said.

According to the reports, the vehicles which were coming from the border town of Jiribam, about 222 kms west of here, were set on fire by suspected supporters of the economic blockade at Oinamlong.

State Government had issued orders to arrest leaders of the SHDDC some days ago for launching the economic blockades although so far no arrest was made, the reports said.

Official sources said between 300 to 400 vehicles used to pursue everyday on the two national highways bringing in essential items from outside Manipur.

But due to economic blockade, trucks and oil tankers plied along the national highways twice or thrice a week with security guide, sources said.

Manipur social organisations have request to both the SHDDC and UNC to call off the economic blockades and launch some other type of demonstration to press their demand.

Thus far over 20 loaded trucks have been set afire on the two national highways by suspected supporters of economic blockades in the past one and half months.

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