Baba Ramdev set to begin yatra against corruption from today.

Baba Ramdev Jhansi: Yoga guru Baba Ramdev will embark on a 1, 00,000 km long yatra on Tuesday from Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh to awaken people about corruption and black money.

The yoga guru told reporters there were 2 kinds of people in this country, honest and traitors. He claimed that all honest people were with him in his fight against corruption and black money.

‚ÄúThe aim of the yatra was to awaken people on the issue of Rs 4, 00,000crore black money stashed in foreign countries,” he said.

The yatra will end in Prayag, Uttar Pradesh. When asked whether he feared the Centre would deal with the yatra the same way it dealt with his agitation in Delhi.

Ramdev said that the government had learnt its lessons, and would not repeat the Delhi act. He also added that the fight against the corruption was like a religious war to him.

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