Yeh Dooriyan Movie Review.

Yeh DooriyanThe upcoming movie “Yeh Dooriyan” will be release on August 26, Friday on theatre.  This movie is the story of a 35 yr old woman Simmi, she is strong, beautiful and a famous chorographer divorced with two kids, living alone.

After few years of divorce, all her friend and her mom and dad force her to remarry as not merely she but yet kids need a father in their life. Simmi is very clear that she will only marry if the guy loves her with her children if not she is happy alone.

She meets a handsome good-looking model Raj who likes her and joins Simmis dance academy. Raj loves kids also as kids are very fond of him too. They both fall in love.

The only problem that society does not allow younger guy getting married to a divorcee with children in meantime Simmi’s ex husband wants her back in her life.

The cast and crew of Yeh Dooriyan are Deepshikha Nagpal, Kaishav Arora, Inder Kumar, Kunicka Lal, Ayub Khan, Chitrashi Rawat, Delnaz Paul, Achint Kaur, and Rajesh Khera. The film is directed by Deepshikha Nagpal.

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