Version 3 of ITIL Launched Finally!

United Kingdom: ITIL has launched its long awaited version 3 with many developments and improved framework. The new version has considerable improvements and is definitely a step forward in the right direction. The ITIL ceritified IT Service Management providers will definitely be able to provide efficient services, should they incorporate the latest developments in their service.
Basically the new version has been updated to provide effective ITSM so as to:
– Remove the possible discrepancies
– Providing consistency and accuracy
– Enhance and improved focus on the strategy for providing providing quality services

Overall ITIL version 3 brings out great improvements, now the real challenge lies in the practice of these improvements by the ITSM practitioners, who provide ITIL services. It is observed that some ITSM companies likeĀ changology follow these principles and same practice is recommended for other companies as well.

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