Team Anna supporters protest against government’s Lokpal bill.

Anna Hazare New Delhi: On Thursday, Team Anna supporters in Bihar demonstrated on the civil court premises in protest against the government’s Lokpal bill which was tabled in Parliament. They called upon the people to support their movement by taking part in Friday’s plan to burn copies of the government’s version of the bill.

According to the reports, dozens of lawyers contributed in the event and expressed their cohesion with the movement.

They announced that the activists will persist to burn copies of the bill across the state till August 16 when Anna Hazare will begin his indefinite hunger strike.

Amidst slogan against government, Hazare said that it was the last chance to exterminate corruption from the country and that the protest should be organised all over to make sure that a strong lokpal bill is brought in.

Ratnesh K Choudhary, IAC, Bihar coordinator said that “Our campaign to garner support for the Jan Lokpal Bill, proposed by Team Anna, is getting overwhelming response. Over 500 activists, including lawyers, doctors and NGO members, are likely to take part in the demonstration on Friday.”

Countering suggestions that the bill can be additional debated in the Standing Committee; Kejriwal said that the panel cannot change the provisions as it can only give suggestions.

He added that “Parliament has been given a fait accompli. This is insult of the people and Parliament.”

Bhushan and Bedi said that what they were demanding was an independent agency which could explore corruption.

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