Team Anna possible to boycott today’s session with Government.

Team AnnaNew Delhi:  Prior to a crucial and 4th round of talks with Anna Hazare’s representatives, the government has pointed out its running out of patience with the activists. Last night, three of Anna’s aides said that negotiations were back to square one after they met with Law Minister Salman Khursheed and Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee. Team Anna has said that it may boycott today’s session.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh told reporters in Parliament today, “I am hopeful of finding a solution.” But, he also added that “Nothing should be done to undermine parliamentary democracy.”

The 74-year-old Anna is on the 10th day of his hunger strike against corruption. Doctors are concerned about his health. The government has organized an emergency evacuation plan for the activist, although say they will impose this only upon the advice of Anna’s doctors who are checking him every 2 hours, the sources said.

Khursheed today told to NDTV that “It seems those who were sceptical about us holding these talks have been proved right. I’m willing to have talks with them. If they don’t want it, why should they blame anyone else?”

According to the reports, the government says Team Anna has misrepresented the talks last night, and that the activists’ took a more intense stand last night than they had earlier.

According to the government, both sides had decided when negotiations began on Tuesday that a draft that joint Anna’s suggestions with the government’s bill may be the way forward. But, last night Team Anna discarded this option, persevered that its Jan Lokpal Bill be considered in its entirety by Parliament.

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