Sonia Gandhi endures successful surgery in New York hospital.

Sonia Gandhi New Delhi: Congress President Sonia Gandhi on Thursday endures successful surgery in a New York hospital for an unrevealed ailment whilst her son and party General Secretary Rahul Gandhi was commended with supervision Congress affairs.

The party kept the news of the surgery of its President a secret while Sonia, accompanied by Rahul, had left earlier in the week to a secret location in the US, reports said.

Congress leader Janaradan Dwiwedi said that “Sonia Gandhi has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that requires surgery. On advice from her doctors, she has travelled abroad and is likely to be away for two to three weeks.”

Before going for the surgery, Sonia had appointed 4-member committee consisting of Rahul, with senior party members General Secretary Dwivedi, her political supporter Ahmed Patel and Defence Minister AK Antony.

According to the reports, after the surgery, Sonia will be away for 3 weeks however, it could be longer before she is back to work. But, it remains to be seeing if she takes over the duty of party President again or leaves Rahul exclusively in charge.

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