Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project built without MoU.

RHEPItanagar: Nine years after the run-of-the-river proposal, Ranganadi Hydro Electric Project (RHEP) was launched in Arunachal Pradesh’s Yazali under Lower Subansiri district, the project authority, NEEPCO, is so far to enter any agreement with the State Government.

The committee said that “It is quite surprising that a dam has been built without MoU, without public hearing and environmental impact assessment.”

The NEEPCO said last in a statement to the Committee on May 5, “There is no memorandum of understanding/ agreement signed by NEEPCO with the State Government on RHEP.”

Meanwhile, the Committee accused the State Government and the NEEPCO of robbing off the livelihood of local tribal populations living in downstream areas of Ranganadi by depriving them of waters of the river.

The people apprehend that these mega dams would not be safe in the region which lies in a high seismic zone with brittle geological conditions.

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