New Tibetan PM Lobsang Sangay chases radical agenda towards China.

Lobsang Sangay Dharamsala: New Tibetan prime minister-in-exile, Lobsang Sangay Monday articulated his gratitude to India for consent to exiles to stay for the past 5 decades. But he requested New Delhi to treat Tibet as a core concern between India and China.

Sangay is the 1st secular figure to ever lead the deeply religious Tibetan community. He will chase a more radical agenda towards China, which spurns the government based in Dharamsala.

His recent duties comprise leading a global movement that campaigns for Tibetan rights and freedoms under Chinese rule, with managing the government-in-exile.

China has rejected his legitimacy and refuses to confer with him. It would be almost unimaginable for him to turn from the policies set by the revered Dalai Lama, and as he was only elected by the small fraction of Tibetans abroad for the period of April elections, it is hard for him to assert he signified all his people.

Among the hindrance he faces is the fact that no country recognises his government, whilst he himself has about no experience of his homeland, and none of administration.

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