New Sports Bill set to convey BCCI under government control.

Ajay MakenNew Delhi: The Cabinet will adopt a new Sports Bill on Tuesday. The proposed law will convey the richest sport body in the country, the Board of Control for cricket (BCCI) under government control.

According to the CNN-IBN, the Bill will make it compulsory for all cricket associations including the BCCI to stick to those norms which have been marked out for other Olympic sports.

Random Doping tests, thus far opposed by cricketers could be obligatory if the Bill is accepted. Cricketing bodies will also have to submit details of their expenditure and earnings if the Bill becomes a law.

Ajay Maken, Sports Minister said that “This Bill is comprehensive, as I have always been saying. It includes the tenure norms, age norms, and also, all these sports federations must be considered as public authorities under the Right to Information Act. Besides, this draft Bill as we had circulated earlier also has provision of Ombudsman.”

India won the world cup 2011, which ensured that the BCCI persisted to collect in billions of dollars, making it the richest sports body in the world. Although it’s also a body which remains covered in layers of non transparency, citing its licence, which makes it a private independent body.

Now a new Sports Bill which is going to be brought up before the cabinet today aims to fix the problem.

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