MMORTS game Age of Empires Online Review.

Age of Empires Online Age of Empires Online is an upcoming MMORTS game that marks a whole latest chapter for the classic AoE series. Age of Empires Online is developed by Robot Entertainment.

It combines traditional strategy gameplay with a whole latest visual style and social features. It sticks the significant setting found in previous Age of Empires titles, although the cartoony graphics give it a fresh look and feel.

Age of Empires Online is planned for release in 16 August 2011 in the version of PC, though is already accepting closed beta applicants. The game will begin with a different playable civilization, the Greeks, while more will be added soon after.

While the free version offers hours of game play and a fun online experience, the premium pack takes things to a whole latest level.

When it comes to aggressive games that offer free and pay services, balance becomes a concern. Gas Powered Games has deal with to determine by forcing the premium players to make their upgrades as divergent to automatically starting with them.

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