McAfee claims major series of cyber attacks.

Cyber attackNew York: IT security firm McAfee asserts to have uncovered one of the major ever series of cyber attacks, according to the reports.

It lists 72 different organisations that were under attack over 5 years, including the International Olympic Committee, the UN and security firms.

McAfee will not say who it thinks is liable, although there is speculation that China may be behind the attacks.

McAfee’s chief European technology officer, Raj Samani, said that the attacks were still going on. “This is a whole different level to the Night Dragon attacks that occurred earlier this year. Those were attacks on a specific sector. This one is very, very broad.”

McAfee said that it did not know what was happening to the stolen data, although it could be used to get better existing products or assist beat a competitor, representing a foremost economic threat.

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