Lionel Messi sparks Kolkata as a lead footballer.

Lionel MessiKolkata: Lead footballer Lionel Messi and other players on to the field when Argentina and Venezuela meet for a gracious match in Kolkata on September 2, the sources said.

The official confirmation along with the state government, All India Football Federation and Indian Football Association announced this at a press conference.

The biggest attraction of the September 2 match that is on course to formulate $4.5 million ( Rs 20 crore) from broadcasting rights, sponsorship deals and ticket sales, the reports said.

“The Argentina Football Association had indeed signed a contract to bring in the full-strength squad including Messi and Carlos Tevez among others. So the contract guarantees their participation,” said Bhaswar Goswami executive director, CMG.

He added that “We were given the match in condition that we have to buy another. We did not think twice and bought both the matches just to make Messi play in Kolkata.”

Messi and Co. would stay in Kolkata for 4 days, beginning August 30. “We are also planning several other events which will be announced later. We are thinking of a minimum ticket price of Rs1, 000 — about $20, a nominal price compared to the ticket prices in other international friendlies, ” he said.

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