ISI Mark VS ISI Specification in Cycle Industry

Chandigarh: Punjab government had invited tenders from cycle manufacturers to supply 1.20 lakh bicycles with the ISI mark. As some of the bicycle components are made out of scrap, therefore it was very difficult to have these small parts marked with ISI quality specification. Hence, the Mr. D.S. Chawla, President of UCPMA – United Cycle and Parts Manufacturers Association, told to PTI, that it would be practical to supply bicycles meeting the ISI specification, where major parts like fork, frame, chain, free-wheel, seat etc can have the ISI mark whereas other smaller components fitted in the bicycle confirm to the ISI specification.

This tender was a part of the previous budget announcement, where the state government had to distribute free-cycles to the girls studying in standard 11th and 12th of the government schools as part of the new state scheme named: “Mai Bhago Vidya Scheme” having a grant of Rs. 75 crores.

Till now no cycle manufacturing company has agreed to the state government for supplying the bicycles with ISI mark. However, these companies are claiming that in the past they had supplied bicycle to other state government tenders, and none of them had ISI mark requirement. Hence, the Punjab government should be reasonable in considering the ISI requirement.

Ludhiana being the hub of bicycles and parts manufacturing with companies like searoseexim, Hero Cycles, Appu Cycles, Avon Cycles, etc. are looking forward to the state government’s final decision in this matter.

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