HTC & Samsung lift share price after Steve Jobs resigns as Apple CEO.

Steve JobsNew York: In a shocking announcement, Apple today said that Steve Jobs has resigned as company CEO and named Chief Operating Officer Tim Cook as his successor, the sources said.

Google Inc Chairman Eric Schmidt said that “Steve Jobs is the most successful CEO in the US of the last 25 years.” He also added that “He uniquely combined an artist’s touch and an engineer’s vision to build an extraordinary company, one of the greatest American leaders in history.”

According to the sources, the executives that will now run Apple without Jobs will face big tests of whether they can still excel in extremely competitive businesses that often have small profit margins.

Former nemesis Bill Gates, the co-founder of Microsoft, has called Jobs the most inspiring person in the tech industry. It’s hard to envisage a bigger success story than Steve Jobs, although rejection, failure and bad fate have been part and parcel of who he is.

According to the reports, Apple’s two main rivals’ HTC and Samsung got a lift in their share price in Asia after Apple boss Steve Jobs stepped down.

Taiwan-based phone maker HTC rose 4.1%, whereas South Korea’s Samsung Electronics gained 3.2%, reports said.

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