Facebook revamped privacy settings.

FacebookLondon: Social networking giant Facebook has revamped its privacy settings that will allow users see what their profiles look like to other people and control which friends view their posts.

Facebook said that its users would soon be able to know straight away who sees the content they put on the site. Users will be capable to decide which friends view their posts and modify their audience by groups and lists of friends, reports said.

The new ‘profile as’ option would consent to users to preview what their profile looks like to other people. Not only this, you will no longer require to be friends with someone to tag them in photos.

According to the latest privacy settings, users will be capable of tag people, places, brands and bands without ever having to join a group or befriend them.

The new changes that will be rolled out over the coming weeks are being seen as a direct response to social networking rival Google Plus, which, while still in its testing stages.

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