Facebook introduced app for mobile phones chat.

Facebook appNew York: On Tuesday, Facebook introduced an app for mobile phones that acts as an unrelated group chat client for mobile operating systems, reports said. The app is already available for Android and Blackberry phones with the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad.

The app, now live for download, expands the chat features in Facebook’s existing mobile app to comprise features like location-sharing, mobile photo-sharing and most significantly instant messaging to friends or groups on Facebook.

Facebook purchased messaging firm Beluga back in March and it appears that several Beluga team members have had a hand in the app’s creation. The timing of the release with its features appears like a quite direct response to Google+ and its huddle feature that also lets you directly chat with friends.

Facebook has frequently denied that the outbreak of recent announcements from the social networking giant and the company’s chat releases, like video calling in partnership with Skype, were a response to Google’s new social network, but the parallels are stiff to disregard.

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