China targets India with CSS-5 IRBMs advanced nuclear missile.

Washington: China has positioned CSS-5 IRBM more advanced and solid-fuelled missiles against India to strengthen its ‘deterrent posture’. This CSS-5 model replaces existing liquid-fuelled CSS-2 IRBMs (Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles), according to the Pentagon sources.

The CSS-5 is a tactical ballistic missile system with planned applications. This CSS-5 IRBMs can be effectively used as a deterrent against India, as it lacks the range to reach important targets in the Russia or United States. With a predictable warhead it can hit targets such as airports, harbours, or key military staging regions.

The report also mentioned that “Beijing is pumping in huge funds on border infrastructure expansions laying more roads and railway network along the Sino-Indian border”.

The Pentagon disclosure comes in its annual assessment to the US Congress on the Chinese military flagged all the main concerns about China’s growing might, including Beijing’s expanding edge over Taiwan.

China’s military ties with Pakistan and its rising presence in the Indian Ocean, Central Asia and Africa is growing concern over India, although bilateral ties between the two nations increased through trade and dialogue, but border tensions remained high.

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