BJP rejected to give land to Bangladesh.

india and bangladeshDibrugarh: BJP abruptly rejected the reported statement by CM Tarun Gogoi yesterday that if decided by the Centre, Assam would part with some of its land to Bangladesh. BJP spokesman and national council member Sarbananda Sonowal said that the offer, if rightly reported, is unheard of and absurd.

Sonowal said that Gogoi is giving out misleading signals to the people of Assam by saying that plots of Assam land may be yield to Bangladesh without any quid pro quo.

Sonowal added that this could lead to needless chaos in Assam, at a time when India and Bangladesh may be trying to added bolster friendly relations.

He suggested that the proposed visit to Bangladesh by the Indian PM and the Chief Minister of Assam be used as a chance to take up concerns of illegal infiltration of Bangladeshis into India and to organize modalities of pushing back Bangladeshis into their country, as and when they are perceived as infiltrators in India.

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