Anna Hazare came out of Tihar Jail after 3 days.

Anna Hazare releaseNew Delhi: Anna Hazare came out of Tihar Jail on Friday and will go to Rajghat, the samadhi of Mahatma Gandhi, before he begins his fortnight long protest from Ramlila Ground.

Anna recommends his supporters to confirm that the torch of the movement against corruption is not extinguished. He said that India gained freedom in 1947, but the freedom movement begins long time back meaning that the march to stop corruption will be a long drawn one.

Anna said that “After 64 years of independence, we still haven’t achieved complete freedom. The fight is far from over, it has just begun.”

After two days of stiff negotiations, the stand-off between the Gandhian and the government finished with the 2 sides agreeing that Hazare will take on a fast for 15 days at the Ramlila Ground subject to convinced conditions.

Considerably, Team Hazare made it clear that his fast would not be a fast-unto-death and he will be on hunger strike only till his health consent.

He said that people were annoyed of corruption and the government should not take long to bring a strong Lokpal Bill. Hazare, who is on the 3rd day of his fast inside Tihar jail, and also said that he is not tired at all.

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