Anna Hazare agitation coloured Janmashtami as support of anti-corruption crusader.

JanmashtamiPeople across the nation celebrated Janmashtami festival on Monday. And also, activist Anna Hazare agitation coloured Janmashtami celebrations, as support for the anti-corruption crusader.

At Delhi’s Iskcon temple the chants of ‘Hare Krishna Hare Rama’ reverberated in the air. As the priests dressed the deity for the occasion, devotees sang and danced celebrating the birth of Lord Krishna.

Many Devotees who make their way every year to the Iskcon temple also made a diversion, to first pay a visit to the Ramlila Ground to add support to Anna Hazare’s campaign.

On the other hand, Mumbai witnessed Dahi Handi celebrations in most parts of the city. The celebrations began in the wee hours on Monday. High-spirited and adventurous men moved around the city to form human pyramids and break ‘Dahi Handi’ with chants of Govinda aala re.

According to the reports, at one place, actor John Abraham made an appearance in the famous Gandhi cap showing his unity with anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare.

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