Sudanese celebrates the birth of Republic of South Sudan.

South SudanOn Saturday, many Sudanese gathered at Grace Church of the Nazarene to celebrate the birth of the Republic of South Sudan. This is a day that multiple Sudanese must have belief this beautiful and unbelievable day would never come.

According to the reports, South Sudan’s independence comes precisely 6 months following a referendum that southerners voted about to separate with their prior civil war enemies in the north.

For many decades, southern rebels fought 2 wars with consecutive Khartoum governments for greater autonomy and recognition, until a peace agreement was signed in 2005.

“At midnight, bells will be rung across the new country, and drums will be sounded, to mark the historic transition from southern Sudan to the Republic of South Sudan,” Southern government said.

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon said in Juba on Friday that he was confident South Sudan would soon merge the global body.

A legal announcement of the Independence of South Sudan will be read out by southern parliament speaker James Wani Igga at 11:45 Am (0845 GMT), reports said. According to the UNICEF, Four million children, or 50 percent of the total population, will be part of this new nation.

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