Pakistan Taliban militants kidnapped Swiss couple.

Pakistan TalibanOn Friday, Pakistan Taliban militants said that they are holding a Swiss couple kidnapped a month ago though holiday in the remote region of Baluchistan, reports said.

Deputy Head of the Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan, Wali-ur Rehman did not present proof that the group had the pair although said that they were in good health and demanded they be exchanged for a Pakistani scientist jailed in the US.

Olivier David Och, and Daniela Widmer were kidnap on July 1 while driving in Baluchistan, a sparsely-populated south-western province bordering Iran and Afghanistan that attracted few tourists due to separatist violence and Taliban activity.

Other Taliban sources definite TTP’s claim and added that the hostages were now being held in the unruly border district of South Waziristan, a dishonourable haven for Taliban and Al-Qaeda bases.

The pair penetrated Baluchistan from Punjab province and may have been heading for Quetta, perhaps en route to Iran, officials reports said.

Since 2008, Switzerland has recommended against non-essential travel to Pakistan, citing risks including the hazard of kidnapping. There was no instant Swiss government comment Friday on the TTP claim.

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