Lucknow CMO AK Shukla arrested for financial misappropriation.

AK ShuklaIn a huge bluster to the Uttar Pradesh government’s claims, earlier chief medical officer (CMO) AK Shukla has been arrested. The police arrested Shukla on Tuesday, who is an accused in the murder case of former CMO Dr BP Singh and YS Sachan.

According to the reports, arrest came on a day when the Lucknow bench of AHC will take up the prominence report filed by the government on the explore in to mystifying death of Deputy CMO Dr Yogendra Singh Sachan, who died a day before he was to oust in court against Dr Shukla.

Both Dr Shukla and Dr Sachan were charged in the financial misuse case and the murder case of Dr BP Singh. And Shukla was admitted on Monday.

Deputy CMO, YS Sachan, administration officer CS Yadav and superior clerk PC Verma were arrested straight away after allegations of misdeeds in the department surfaced.

Two ministers Babu Singh Khushwaha and Anant Kumar Mishra had resigned on ethical grounds because of the ongoing controversy.

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