Facebook unveiled Skype video chatting during awesome announcement.

facebook announcementFamous social networking site Facebook introduced Skype video chatting into their system on Wednesday through the social network’s much heralded awesome announcement, reports said.

The new features consist of a redesigned chat interface, group chats, and the aforementioned video chat, according to Facebook’s blog.

According to Facebook, The group chat outlook will let users chat with lots of friends at once by selecting “Add Friends to Chat.” Users can append friends that are not online at the time and those friends will get a summary of the chat currently.

Users with a webcam on their computer will involve deploy a distinctive plug-in ahead of they can express calls using Facebook from in their web browser. Callers will be efficient to associate and consider the recipient and vice-versa.

Zuckerberg also publicized that Facebook has hit 750 million worldwide users, with 4 billion pieces of information shared every day.

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