Chillar Party movie released July 8.

Chillar Party movieActor-producer Salman Khan, whose first home production ‘Chillar Party’ is released on July 8, today. This is a simple film that has a lot of funny moments that would draw the loudest laughter.

Starring in this film are Irrfan Khan, Sanath Menon, Rohan Grover, Naman Jain, Aarav Khanna and Vishesh Tiwari.

The Synopsis of the moviethe bunch of kids from Chandan Nagar is called ‘Chillar Party’. One day a new kid Fatka makes an entrance at the colony with his pet dog Bheedu to work as a car cleaner.

Fatka and Bheedu become part of the ‘Chillar Party’ after several conflicts, although afterwards, the colony members make life anxious for the kids by planning to throw Bheedu out of the colony due to a politician. Then, the kids decide to teach them a lesson.

Salman Khan says on twitter that “Saw chillar party vit the chillarrrrr party. This is by far the best movie that I have ever been a part of (sic).”

During the entire 1st half, the writer-director couple holds the proceedings at a level that is totally in sync with the modest spirit of the film. In the run-up to the peak, though, the film comes unsteadily close to tying itself up in knots as the child-like appearance it builds up starts to waver on the edge of childishness.

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